Thursday 3 October 2013

Episode 30: Mind Control with Solaris BlueRaven

Solaris BlueRaven can probably kick your butt- because she is a Certified Black Belt and Instructor. We don't spend much time discussing that, I mention it to highlight that she is multi-faceted.
Solaris has a professional background in Surveillance, and is a researcher- which can be a lot easier to do when you are Clairvoyant, which she also draws upon.

On her website, she also evidences her skills as an MT Healer, Wiccan HPS, and 
she has an extensive background in the paranormal, leading to her work as a Metaphysical Sciences Practitioner. 

Quite controversially, she is a “systems buster for MK Ultra related projects”. MK Ultra of course, was a government brain infiltration usage used almost always for nefarious purposes- okay, always nefarious purposes. The MK stands for MIND KONTROLLE, a big thing back in the day, until it was claimed to no longer be used. Since then, it has been used extensively, such as Remote viewing and Operation Mockingbird.  

Primarily in her capacity as Wiccan she hosts her own internet midnight radio show, which can be heard Saturday nights, on Revolution Radio.

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  1. Another great broadcast Mr. Park, if not a little on the scary side. You mentioned that the most recent "going postal" event was published the day before in a Canadian newspaper-which one?


  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Are you representative of THE Anonymous? Just curious.

    Thanks for listening and commenting. The navy shooter timeline hiccups are listed here:
    Snopes call the reports of this a 'mixture' of true and false, but there is much information that points to their once pristine validity subsequesntly being compromised.

    Again, I appreciate the comment/question.