Thursday 23 May 2013

Episode 11: 911 Danish journalist Tommy Hansen interview

Episode 11: Our guest on this episode is a Danish reporter that ran afoul of the editorial policies of his employer. He was fired. He could not gain work elsewhere. All as result of asking questions and pointing out anomalies in the official 911 theory. Tommy Hansen is featured in a must see Danish 911 documentary, 'The Sensible Doubt'- watch it here, or here. Tommy has his own publication now, called ''stikimod'. In English, that means, stikimod

A lot of info there is in English, and be sure to grab the Danish articles as well and run them through 'google translate', available here. It's well worth a few extra clicks and a drag and drop. If you already understand Danish, then så vil du ikke behøver at bekymre sig om at bruge en oversættelse website. Du kan bare læse på hjemmesiden i sin modersmål. How'd I do?

This building, the Windsor Tower in Madrid, Spain, was in blazes for nearly 24 hours. Hey, that's a lot more severe than what the WTC towers endured. After the fires were extinguished, the Windsor remained standing, as shown in the 'after' photo. How odd.

Be sure to listen to this episode all the way through, 
because it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. Part 2 (episode 12) will be posted next week. Yup- this is good stuff, another two part interview.

Friday 10 May 2013

Episode 9 - David Noble: Rabble Rouser

Episode 9: The 'Transition' Show. We have a lesser audio quality in the introduction as this week I am without a studio. The closing chunk is rough as well, but hey- this will never happen again; the NSA is listening to this, and your other digital communications- big brother isn't coming, he's here; corporations monitor your eye movements while shopping;
the interview with John Bullick is pre-recorded and sounds fine. John is the director of the movie, 'A Wrench in the Gears', about professor David Noble- a man with much to say about the systems of control that embody what is meant to be our educational system.

Next weeks' show will be broadcast on SiriusXM Canada, Thursday mornings at at 9AM and noon, repeated on Saturday and Sunday. 

Thanks for hanging tough with the sound troubles.

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Friday 3 May 2013

Episode 8 - Are Aliens tiny?

Episode 8: Seems like Hamid Karzai has been doing alright as the Afghanistan leader. It turns out that job brings in what he calls, 'support', which is just his way of describing 'bags of cash' article HERE from our old friends, the CIA. 
Avid researcher and youtuber Randy Clark visit his channel HERE, explains his encounters of the alien kind. He's managed to convince his once reluctant family, will he convince you? Randy describes the discovery of the 6 inch alien click HERE to see it, discovered in South America over 10 years ago.

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