Thursday 17 October 2013

Episode 32: Occupy Corporatism with Susanne Posel

Our guest on this show is an endangered species-  the now rare, investigative journalist. Yes, not every news purveyor out there is spewing corporate issued pablum, and that is certainly not the case for Susanne Posel.

As well as having her own syndicated radio show called HARDLINE, on iHeart Radio, Susanne is the chief editor of the information stuffed, This site is a trove of well written, to-the-point articles, that detail the criminality of the world's biggest newsmakers.

Her story-gathering skills bring to our attention important narratives highlighting the pattern of globalization in commerce and money markets, and how that affects Americans and the entire world. You can follow Susanne on Twitter, @OccuCorporatism

We discusses some of the trickery used to lead the humans of this planet into a compliance date, enough it seems to accept the course of desires of the Ruling Elite*.  

know a lot of people don’t like that word, 'elite,' but as they've caused as much damage through rampant, money market manipulation without having seen any prison time, I’m ok calling them, the Elite. Just know that my intention behind that term is not at all congratulatory or respectful, but rather, disparaging.

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