Saturday 3 December 2016

Episode 94: 2016 Ends in Orchestrated Madness

This is not CBS, so it's fake. Because only CNN and FOX can offer the truth. And when Jimmy Savile's BBC tells you there is no ongoing pedophile scandal, that's Walter White telling you he's out of crystal.

Today, you will understand the longevity of an ugly stain on American life and the world, extruded by the Bush clan. Complain about them all you want, but they clearly are masters of hypnosis - (amnesia?)

Bereaved mom(s) attempt to convince others to take a drug - her son died soon after using it, so you should use it too... (I am not making this up) because... stronger together?

Anyway, your help is requested to give your son the shot she thinks would've saved the child before her son- that earlier child who did not get the flu shot and is ok.
But mom thinks other healthy boy who had no shot and is fine, must've got sick and spread it to her son who DID get the shot, but died, though incredibly, prior to the needle was said to be in perfect health, but absolutely died from the flu - though the specific flu strain remained unverified for - some - reason. [no penalty for needing to read again a few times]

Justin Trudeau has got some explaining to do, because it's nearly 2017. Because he's still Stephen fucking Harper. Oil pipelines. Attacking cannabis patients. Dirty double dealing with Saudi culture of repression - while playing duh feminist at home - as though Canada only gets Canadian news.

Tony Blair is the returning tumour after you've been living cancer free for years. He wants to fix things, now that they are messy. Will he ruin his white shirt with tomato sauce? Dunno, but the Podestapedarestas definitely need more napkins.'s chapter on MK Ultra helps us out with the explanation and implications of the CIA's Operation: Mockingbird, which is the real culprit behind fake news, aka, Network News©.

Overall -  more dots connected, more to go.

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