Thursday 10 October 2013

Episode 31: Kerry Cassidy host of Project Camelot

Our guest this time is a researcher, and a compiler of testimonies pertaining to what many consider to be other-worldly- Project Camelot’s, Kerry Cassidy. 

Initiated in 2006, Project Camelot was the brainchild of Kerry and Bill Ryan, who later ventured off to form Project Avalon. 

Kerry continued with Camelot and has interviewed many fascinating people over the years, from economic insiders to self-proclaimed alien intermediaries. Most of them are considered to have above top secret status. Stay up to date on twitter @projectcamelot

When you first peruse the Project Camelot portal, there can be a feeling of shock- a “this can’t possibly be the case” notion. Much of that gradually washes away as one begins to realize how much of the information, once revealed by mere testimony, eventually does play out on the world stage. Perhaps not all of it, but plenty enough to make one re-consider one’s own doubts as to what is possible, how many realms might there be, and to what is really going on on this planet.

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