Thursday 24 October 2013

Episode 33: Project Monarch with Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips

Cathy O'Brien traces the cruel, murderous world of mind control on her path from child pornography and recruitment into the Monarch program, and serving as a tope-level intelligence agent and White House sex slave. Her definitive eye-witness account of outrageous government corruption- is detailed in the book, "Trance Formation of America" which names names- some of the most prominent figures in global politics.

Cathy O'Brien
In August 1977 the 95th US Congress opened hearings into reported abuses of CIA's TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra. 11 years later, Cathy, a top-level MK-Ultra Project Monarch victim, was covertly rescued along with her daughter, from her CIA White House level mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips- recognized by mental health and law enforcement internationally as a credible authority on the secret science concerning external control of the mind. 
Mark Phillips

Their seven year pursuit of justice was stopped for reasons of national security, and they now have protected whistleblower status.

On this show, Cathy shares what we can do to help get ourselves out of the governmentally operated mind control we all suffer from to a lesser degree. This is gone into in much greater detail in the book, "Access Denied for Reasons of National Security".

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  1. Cathy O'Brien's Story is way more gnarly than all these other stories put together and explains all these other stories as well as all recent events. Once you realize what the evil ones have been doing you will not be the same. Trauma based mind-control is the most horrific truth you will ever encounter. It can be boosted by drugs and or frequencies. This happened on 911. We were all made victims of trauma based mind control. With every mass shooting and now especially with "the virus" they continue to traumatize society worldwide, for those at the very top have many an agenda.

    They spray us, put crap in the food and water that keeps us in a zombie state, all while selling us the fake hate Kool-Aid that will always keep us divided and conquered. It's the only way for a small group to control all the rest. They had to do this slowly. Too fast we would react and strike. What they fear the most is us figuring this out and ripping them out of their cozy places and wiping them out. Very easily done. While they need to get rid of a lot of us, they do not want to wipe us out. They need enough to keep a slave race. As their technology grows our ability for survival weakens. They have accomplished surveillance to crush any gathering of the old way (pitchforks and torches) which always worked.

    They are still afraid we may figure it out and throw away our TV's and phones. So they came up with a virus and a vaccine. Once accomplished with enough bodies for breeding, eating, and working (though robots can take over working, they need bodies with souls for breeding and eating. We know that's why they prefer babies, pure souls) they can then wipe out the rest of us.(agenda 2021/30) They can replace your memories and it is game over. They give you commands (voice to skull) you become Aunt Patsy or part of crowd control. The majority are already sheepaled one way or another. They can now do whatever they want with them.
    It does not work on all of us, some will always know. No matter how much we are sprayed, injected, or hit with frequencies and for many different reasons, a Creator's love, DNA, Prayer, Intuition, willpower, most of all bravery. Some will die, many have. The hundredth monkey could wake up any moment so please do not stop trying to wake the sheep, be brave it's all we got !!! Should they hunt me down for saying this I will be in good company with so many others that have said or have done something. I am going to post this as many places as I can.
    We owe Cathy a great deal of gratitude. All of her suffering will not go in vain. She is one of the brave souls still here . They were not counting on that.