Thursday 26 September 2013

Episode 29: The Dark Side of Revenue Canada with Wally Dove

Even though Wally Dove spent thirteen long, cruel years as a tax collector, enforcer, and schemer with Revenue Canada- currently showing their crooked dark side to the world- don't hate him! He has since learned from the error of his ways and crossed over to us from that Dark Side! Wally clearly lays out that rather than continue to illegally erase your rights and freedoms, he is making sure you are aware of them and use to them to your maximum benefit. 

The Human Rights Defenders League in Canada @HRDCanada, is launching a law suit against Canada on your behalf, and you really deserve to know what it's about and how you can join- for free!

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  1. Enjoyed the show. A real eye opener, although I'm not sure how much of our system will unravel if this fundamental principle of money is broken.

    1. Thanks.
      I'm not sure either, but the monetary system as it stands- steeped in corruption, manipulation and trickery, must go.

  2. For the protection of human rights there is number of organizations doing great work and helping the people to secure their future. Very well to read the amazing episode article please share video link on website online if you have any of this episode.