Thursday 25 December 2014

Episode 73 - UsuryFree with Tom Kennedy

This week we are pleased to have Tom J. Kennedy tell us why money is a con game. Tom's research and experience runs deep in the scam that is the lie of the Federal Reserve and planned obsolescence. It has been about thirty years since Tom learned that Usury is the key to our oppression.

A resident of the capital city area in Canada, Tom has been making sure regular people realize they have beenmanipulated by our loving - sorry, lying government. He has realized the way to freedom in a world run by control freaks is to make one's own way. Tom offers Self Directed Learning University as a means to guide oneself to the most comfortable existence through self dependence and self empowerment.

Tom also explains a difficult struggle placed upon him by the Canadian government and its employment of a mentally curious character, called a 'Richard Warman'. This hapless thing is known to drum up nonsensical charges against people through entrapment, only to extract petty emotional imbalances in the forms of fines.

UPDATE:  It is with great sadness that I must report that we lost Tom in early 2016 to bloody cancer.  He was a good man and is missed by many.

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