Thursday 24 April 2014

Episode 57 - CPS Whistleblower Carlos Morales

It's 11 o'clock - do you know where your children are?  Because if you don't, you might have them taken away by the Child Protective Services. Carlos Morales knows this to be a fact. Formerly employed by the CPS, he discovered the core was rotten, and as any cognizant person would do, took the responsibility to right a wrong.

America is known around the world as the land of freedom of speech, and they're happy to kill to make sure they can keep it.  But when a citizen actually exercises that right- the fruit of his mandatory investment- the orchestrated blowback one is forced to sustain reveals the Lie of the official story.  Just ask Edward Snowden, or Daniel Ellsberg. Just ask anyone demanding accountability from supposed leaders. Just ask anyone who is on the right side of history, like our guest, Carlos Morales.

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