Thursday 1 May 2014

Episode 58: Kevin Annett - The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Did you hear the one about the pope being found guilty of horrendous crimes in a public court? If not, it's time to adjust your news intake system. Lindsay Lohan is not important. But, when it comes to the level of complicity that governing bodies have over and with child abductions and rape, former minister Kevin Annett is pulling back the curtains on some pretty bad things at the hands of men voted in by others. You can follow his work at The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

Working for years as an Anglican priest, Kevin's human compassion carried his interest into exposing the crimes of those that deny them, and are still committing them.

The Queen Elizabeth biological aberration is not innocent of the crimes either as Kevin has been able to link some key players in darkness to our own halls of supposed justice.

The history of native people on this continent is an ugly one and Kevin is doing what he can to bring the perpetrators to justice. Click HERE to read his book "Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present."

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  1. Kevin Annett was neither Anglican or a priest. He is a defrocked United Church of Canada minister because of his actions at the pastoral charges he was hired. He did not single-handedly find out about the Residential School scandal, because I knew about it before I ever heard of Kevin Annett. In Nanaimo B. C. at the B. C. Conference meeting, attended by Moderator Stan McKay, a native from Manitoba, we faced the ugly truth of residential schools, a sad part of our history. That was in the 1990's. It appears that Kevin has now abandoned the Canadian First Nations people whose stories he stole and they are distancing themselves from Kevin and his ITCCS. Nothing is happening on this continent at all…now Kevin has set himself up as a Martin Luther - a ridiculous notion.