Friday 18 April 2014

Episode 56: Dr John Liebert "Wounded Minds" and PTSD

Dr. John Liebert's expertise comes from his enormous research with soldiers deployed in Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. He explains the growing problem of post traumatic stress disorder in the military. 

This is bad for folks that've chosen NOT to willingly fund that gargantuan mistake and blindly follow the 'orders' of murderers and opportunists. You never know when a soldier who is damaged from military brainwashing and questionable vaccinations- will shoot and kill innocent people at Fort Hood. Or commit one of 19,000 annual (and rising) sexual assaults. Or shoot and kill innocent people at Fort Hood- oh did I mention that already? It's accurate again. Not all defective men commit those atrocities, of course. Rather than wasting it on strangers, many addled vets instead have a predilection for unimaginable domestic violence. So, to each his own even when you're nuts.

Meanwhile, the predatory liars at the tip of the military boys club, usually encrusted with pretentious symbolic ritualistic baubles on their lapels, are presented as to the public as, 'advisors'. They happily avail themselves of fat consulting fees to exude their noxious bilge on FOX, CNN, etc. While fascinating to listen to because of their humanistic deficit, they are limited in mental scope. This is evidenced by permanent denials of the connection between invading and killing people based on lies, and being unable to later self atone for those crimes- and realizing it is just as much their responsibility for following that 'order' as the parasite who issued it. (Sometimes it does take a run-on sentence.) 

In his book, 'Wounded Minds' available at Amazon, the good doctor describes permanent negative effects on these men and their increasing head count of victims, and how we might remedy that self-destructive nonsense in the future. 

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