Thursday 28 November 2013

Episode 38: Poison Patriarch - Mark Shaw

In keeping with the anniversary of the death of JFK, our guest today is author, Mark Shaw. Of all the different angles I've come across over the years, this is the one that has most taken me by surprise. Mark's extensive experience as a trial lawyer has helped him lay out the case against JFK's father, Joe Kennedy. his book, 'The Poison Patriarch', Shaw examines the decisions of father Joseph P. Kennedy to explain how those factors contributed to JFK’s death. We are happy to have Mark on the show and feel his pain about having a difficult time getting on mainstream media to promote his book.
With details rarely mentioned by the 'Official Story" fans. Shaw convincingly plots the storyline of how Oswald's killer, Jack Ruby, and his Mafioso linked attorney, Melvin Belli, are integral to the JFK murder and its coverup.
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