Wednesday 13 November 2013

Episode 36: Frater X and Secret Wars

On this show, a real live secret society expert, Frater X. His knowledge runs deep into fields considered esoteric, which could prove problematic for internet users England. They have a new law where the government can shut down a website if it is deemed 'esoteric'. I wonder if 'Orwellian' is considered, 'esoteric'. Both externally and internally, Frater X is on a path of truth. To aid in accomplishing that he has become a member of the Masonic Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, the Ancient Order of Druids, and many others.
Gaining knowledge from these occulted groups, Frater X is able to peel back the curtain on geopolitical events such as the turmoil of the Middle East, false flag events, the expanding police state, and at the root of it all, is what he describes as a War on Consciousness. There is even a war going on within freemasonry, which is the subject of his book, so we get his take on that here as well.

What are 'they' getting out of this? In that we have been led around in this manner over and over again, with things only incrementally getting worse and worse, what is there possible benefit? Mere greed and lust for power, or something more deep that most people don’t understand?

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