Thursday 7 November 2013

Episode 35: "Citizen Koch" movie

"Citizen Koch" (pronounced, Coke) illustrates the scheming and coercion of two men that obviously hate America, Charles and David Koch. Dipping into their impossibly deep pockets, they use manipulation and lies to steer the USA into a direction of their choice, fair play be damned. Check the trailer.

Their creation of an innocuous sounding yet far right wing movement called Citizens United, allowed for unlimited campaign spending and the political movement called the Tea Party. 

Understand the threat these men pose as they pump billions into Republican and far right efforts, which include arranging massive tax breaks for corporations and removing long standing rights of union workers.  

One of the film's producers, Carl Deal, takes us through the process of making it, and the difficulty of airing it without editing, on PBS stations that are also benefactors of Koch money. There are petitions being created to demand that PBS air the documentary uncut. You can't make this stuff up.

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