Thursday 6 June 2013

Episode 12: 911 Danish journalist Tommy Hansen interview part 2

Episode 12: This episode picks up from last week's cliffhanger. As it is a duty to learn about 911, I am sure we will have Tommy Hansen back again when more news breaks. Tommy Danish reporter that ran afoul of the editorial policies of his employer. He was fired. He could not gain work elsewhere. All as result of asking questions and pointing out anomalies in the official 911 theory. Tommy Hansen is featured in a must see Danish 911 documentary, 'The Sensible Doubt'- watch it here, or here. Tommy has his own publication now, called ''stikimod'. In English, that means, stikimod

Fire up your grey matter - ask yourself how this could have happened? A plane crashed into the building, right? Or, did it just collapse 25 minutes before the BBC said it did - wrong. This is the rarely ever discussed, building 7. 

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