Thursday 23 May 2013

Episode 11: 911 Danish journalist Tommy Hansen interview

Episode 11: Our guest on this episode is a Danish reporter that ran afoul of the editorial policies of his employer. He was fired. He could not gain work elsewhere. All as result of asking questions and pointing out anomalies in the official 911 theory. Tommy Hansen is featured in a must see Danish 911 documentary, 'The Sensible Doubt'- watch it here, or here. Tommy has his own publication now, called ''stikimod'. In English, that means, stikimod

A lot of info there is in English, and be sure to grab the Danish articles as well and run them through 'google translate', available here. It's well worth a few extra clicks and a drag and drop. If you already understand Danish, then så vil du ikke behøver at bekymre sig om at bruge en oversættelse website. Du kan bare læse på hjemmesiden i sin modersmål. How'd I do?

This building, the Windsor Tower in Madrid, Spain, was in blazes for nearly 24 hours. Hey, that's a lot more severe than what the WTC towers endured. After the fires were extinguished, the Windsor remained standing, as shown in the 'after' photo. How odd.

Be sure to listen to this episode all the way through, 
because it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. Part 2 (episode 12) will be posted next week. Yup- this is good stuff, another two part interview.

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