Thursday 6 June 2013

Episode 13: March Against Monsanto with Stella Hunt

Episode 13: GMO foods have everyone upset. People who say they are healthy and a positive development are mad at those who want GMO's labelled, and the people who want them labelled- are frustrated by so far being unable to convince people they are right. Who's right? Either way, Monsanto has a lot to answer for.

Stella Hunt is a former talk show host on's Liquid Lunch, political activist, and outspoken researcher. She is well aware of Monsanto's dark history and took part in the worldwide March Against them (click here), and tells us what happened on the day. 

Do you eat non-organic foods laced with chemicals? You might try not to, but wind up eating them anywayYou can avoid that stuff by choosing manufacturers that do not use GMO crops in their products.You can avoid that stuff by choosing manufacturers that do not use GMO crops in their products. Click here for a good start...

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