Thursday 13 June 2013

Episode 14: Turkey Protest with Roni Margulies

Ron Margulies is a socialist and happens to be Jewish (he only says this because listeners might find it interesting, though he doesn't give a hoot about religion and is an anti-Zionist). He was born in Istanbul, is a journalist, and hosts a political/cultural chat show on a smallish Turkish
TV channel. We discuss the turmoil in Turkey, it's beginnings, and false representations in botht eh Turkish and foreign media.
 The revolt is not anti-Muslim, as it has been so often reported. There are agents provocateur, as has been rumoured, now verified.

Can it be stopped, and what is #OccupyGezi?

Roni explains the inner workings of how this got started, with the on-the-ground perspective of a seasoned journalist. His insight is fascinating. Converse with Roni yourself about what's happening there by reaching him on twitter  @RoniMargulies

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