Tuesday 20 March 2018

Episode 105 is Green Crush 33

Avarice at the helm. Again we update the latest canna news. A March madness that involves no basketball - the latest series of Canadian government contradictions and conundrums. For example, the Feds claim they’ve done all the possible research, and claim they have nowhere near enough research available and need to know more. Stupidly, that did not hold them back from drafting punitive archaic legislation nearly a year ago.

We leave the discussing of purely medical and recreational advancements from cannabis, to focus on the productive and creative abilities of the mind. Chris Griswold teaches improv classes in New York City and beyond if you care to contact him – he travels to your down – and explains working through his ADHD and anxiety issues, using their in here and qualities as helpful tools rather than limiting binds.

Chris – who remains ungreen while teaching, organizes his class around participants/actors after their brief indulgence in the herb. After 20 years teaching without it, he verifies this experiment has opened up noticeable, successful results.

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