Wednesday 14 March 2018

Episode 104 = GreenCrush 32

Film documentarian, Hamilton Ontario‘s Cody Lanktree is here to pump his latest project – Dispensed With. Head over to their indigogo page to help Cody get the word out on how incredibly healthful cannabis, can rejuvenate the Self.

Also from Hamilton, dispensary manager Vikki Smythe. Her engagement at a town hall with Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynnedbag sheds much insight onto the direction that democratic access-to-plant needs to travel. And it ain’t what the government is laying out.

A refresher course on the impossibilities of judging people “impaired“ simply because they test positive for cannabis. This fact much ignored by mainstream media is very likely holding up cannabis legalization - or is it an archaic UN treaty that some countries are not sure whether they should break…?

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