Saturday 5 November 2016

Episode 91: Johnny Cirruci says, 'It's All Jesuits!'

The author of, 'Illuminati Unmasked', Johnny Cirruci might not take offense if you call him single minded, as long as the topic is the Society of Jesuits. 

Throughout history, secrecy and evil has been woven into the fabric of our lives. We discuss how it is possible for such an old organization has been able to affect so many, most of the time, usually without our knowledge of the staged events. Johnny often updates his findings on twitter.

Their tool of the trade is 'reality manipulation'. Using the Bible and an extensive knowledge of Jesuit history, we discuss various methods and their impact on our past. Hopefully, more people becoming aware can help shut them down. For more on his research, check out Johnny's Youtube channel.

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  1. Excellent show Alan. Really enjoyed Johnny's contribution and is unapologetic, yet humble belief in his faith. Thanks so much - looking forward to more.

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