Saturday 26 November 2016

Episode 93: JFK to Trump with Lenny Bloom 2 of 2

Sorry to leave you all hanging. But there really is only so much you can take when facts range from previously unknown to denied, suppressed, forgotten and erased.

Lenny has happily stayed longer than usual to further explain the connection and through-lines of the political cabals of the day and the era.

As before, he makes a strong case for a connectivity of events - ranging from the Kennedy assassination, through 911, and up until Trump v Clinton.

How to think of the future when we can barely keep up with the news of the day? The long game.

They all play it, including those involved with the 2016 electoral coup, counter-coup, and even the murder of JFK.

Also, are fake news reports fake from fake real news sites, rather than fake from fake real news sites. These and other questions, unanswered.

Got that?

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