Friday 28 October 2016

Episode 90: Barrie Zwicker and DDOS attacks

Before we have another head to head with Barrie Zwicker - researcher, author, TV host and activist - Wanttoknow helps us recognize psychopaths; Zwicker notes 5 Eyes nations DDOS attacks -  are they corporate or government agency tests?;    

Snowden says, 'always encrypt' your internet presence; towards the militarization of 'our' police; Barrie admits his Elder status, reflects on patterns throughout history;   

upcoming Guy Fawkes presentation at Beit Zatoun in Toronto; 

False flag is defined as a tool BY those seeking to implement stricter control; the dissolving of academic freedom when it questions governmental agenda; nonphysical Digital assault; thoughts on the US election - 

Will we get Trump in the White House or trump TV?; free speech venue Shutdown; first TV journalist 911 official story critique.

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1 comment:

  1. Has Barry ever heard of #hrdpar? If he doesn't see how this was a drill portrayed as real by the military media, then sadly he must be labeled a shill to the official story,aka a gatekeeper. His stand on 9/11 is not much different.