Friday 10 May 2013

Episode 9 - David Noble: Rabble Rouser

Episode 9: The 'Transition' Show. We have a lesser audio quality in the introduction as this week I am without a studio. The closing chunk is rough as well, but hey- this will never happen again; the NSA is listening to this, and your other digital communications- big brother isn't coming, he's here; corporations monitor your eye movements while shopping;
the interview with John Bullick is pre-recorded and sounds fine. John is the director of the movie, 'A Wrench in the Gears', about professor David Noble- a man with much to say about the systems of control that embody what is meant to be our educational system.

Next weeks' show will be broadcast on SiriusXM Canada, Thursday mornings at at 9AM and noon, repeated on Saturday and Sunday. 

Thanks for hanging tough with the sound troubles.

SiriusXM Press release!

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