Friday 30 September 2016

Episode 86: Ole Dammegard on False Flag Awareness 1 of 2

Using a thrilling tale of his trip to a Norwegian island killing scene and back, Ole Dammegard, tells us from personal experience about false flags - why they're used and how they work.

Ole is a former journalist with one of the world's best anti-conspiracy websites, called Light On Conspiracies. His two part tale about the Anders Breivik/Norwegian shootings of 2011, and the subsequent ushering in of more governmental control conveys how his own efforts to learn more about the horrific killings and visiting their setting, nearly cost him his freedom.

Who best profits from security breaches around the world? Those able to instantly usher in yet another security bill. Ole shows us a pattern that fits a false flag MO much better than what we’re told is the truth. Be sure to download the episode after this one for part two.

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