Thursday 15 September 2016

Episode 84: Jon Rappoport & the Surveillance State

After much downtime, Conspiracy Queries returns with a very full episode featuring researcher and logician, Jon Rappoport.

The interview, recorded back in May 2015, shows Jon as even more intelligent and prescient than we know he is, because his predictions were as true as today's headlines. 

Canada's Bill C-51 - and similar bills in other nations - have the opposite effect of what its government tools claim as their intentions - to root out terrorists and increase the security of the citizen.

We discuss what are said to be the pure intentions of elected representatives, only to learn they are often either clued out, or downright lying. That is made clear with a brief listen-in on the US Peace Council's, report to the UN regarding Syrian intervention.

Predictably, not only do surveillance bills not reduce terrorist activity, Jon also points out that once implemented, similar invasive mindsets usher in further restrictive legislation. Fast forward to current headlines, police chiefs are lobbying to demand access to our digital passwords - all with no oversight. So, cops are lobbying our governments, to be able to break constitutional law, in order to prevent law-breaking. Meanwhile they are already at it, with fake cell phone towers that vaccuum your information.

Check out Jon's collected works on logic, reason, imagination and how to be smarter,
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  1. Great show - always love to hear the truth from Jon and you. Makes me feel I'm not so alone in my thinking. Looking forward to more shows.