Monday 20 April 2015

Episode 81: Grant Elder 'Wiki Vs. NWO'

What happens when a corporate management consultant breaks away from the nonsense he is being bombarded with in the media- and does his own research? A conspiracy author is born.

It's not that simple, but Grant Elder explains the series of events that lead him from being a good company guy at an airline company with his head down, to questioning the validity of what he's previously accepted as true, almost immediately after the fateful day of 911.

Only as powerful a subject could inspire a man with no background in behind-the-scenes machinations to research and write a 972 page tome on the matter, entitled, 'WIKI VS NWO'. It doesn't stop at merely a book. Grant has made his expose multi-platform- there are included online links in his book (Amazon Link), which verify his claims and research as you read along.

The best part is that it not only lays out the NWO and their affront on real people, but offers constructive discussion points to help end the nightmare, through awareness.

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