Sunday 15 March 2015

Episode 79: Elisa Hategan- Racist Government

I woke up to an Open Letter to the media, from Elisa Hategan. She challenges them to bring forth her story, and initially, they did show interest. A journalist at the Globe and Mail was extremely interested, until he wasn't. The CBC had made a movie about her real life story, but when offered the full follow-up, it was no thanks from them as well.
It's hard to be certain, but perhaps they were uncomfortable with Elisa's dark and ugly racist past being closely intertwined with the 'security providers' unleashed in Canada- RCMP, CSIS, and the current holder of the position of Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Her sad home life allowed her to become taken in by the neo-nazi group, Heritage Front, again, a group with a strong history of involvement from Canada's prime minister. This pack of plotting skinheads were headed up in their security division by a CSIS agent, operating a series of hateful and illegal activities with apparent impunity. As young Elisa became more fully aware, she knew not only to leave the Front- her family, as well as to try to dismantle them. Her book, Race Traitor, details the inside jobs of a racist organization operating under the colour of law. Her concern is that the unchecked powers of a surveillance state as dreamed up in Bill C-51 are far and away worse than things already are.

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  1. An excellent program and one that I'm going to listen to again and perhaps a 3rd time. Many thanks.

  2. Alan just listened to your Excellent, Informative, Interview with Ritchie Allen. Hope the CBD keeps working for your complete recovery. I'm sending a playlist for your perusal in regards to the topics in this interview.
    "Ernst Zundel - Interviewed by an Israeli journalist (1996) GREAT !!! "
    The first 3 give food for thought for the next 68 videos. ..... This is just Video, Should you wish Documentation It's available on the web with a bit of Re-Search till full C-51 Censorship kicks in. Thanks to the Mostly apathANADIAN Population more fearful of what others will think of them for SHARING this Info than a Jackboot on their Throats.

    In Lak'ech.....joachim

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