Friday 20 February 2015

Episode 77 Barrie Zwicker: Ottawa's False Flag

Once again, my tip of gratitude to a most avid and tenacious author- Barrie Zwicker. He wrote about 911 in his book, 'Towers of Deception', as well as hosting VisionTV's multi-part series, "The Great Conspiracy" in 2002. Barrie's trove of deep dark knowledge has turned his trained eye to the improbable lie of our 'new, necessary, security state.' 

Several shooting attacks have occurred around the world in places only too happy to adopt new security laws, you know, so that we have security. Politicians around the world are rushing forward with thoroughly unproven connections of- citizens not wanting terror, therefore security bill enactment is good. Have we really gotten that stupid? 

Zwicker lays out a series of facts that leave the sentient moved to the point of action. No proposed government bill - especially one offering no oversight of its overseers - should be passed in any governmental venue without, at the very least, some relevant questions on the matter. Again today, we have not been provided that necessary process to ensure our freedom. Barrie knows we are being lied to, and helps us find some answers in truth. Enjoy his clear take on the real issue of the Ottawa attacks, here

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  1. Another excellent, excellent show. I can confirm I now have another addiction - I have to get my weekly fix of this show.

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