Saturday 24 January 2015

Episode 76: Yves Engler - "The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy"


When you want the inside goods, go to a researcher that knows enough to have written a book. And books. Yves Engler recently released The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy and has another new book out soon. That's nine thus far on the topics of governmental mismanagement starting with idiocy, right on up to war criminality. So he's barely getting started.

Yves' scope is wide ranging and borne out of a desire for a well-studied look at Canada's foreign policy. Such as the massive trade mistake to supply 15 billion dollars of Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV's), from a military industrialist. We paid no attention to him, but President Eisenhower warned us about these clowns.

General Dynamics will deliver to a middle east pseudo-military force that thoroughly enjoys severing human heads. Yes, I said 'enjoy' and no, it's not ISIS. It's Canada's- foreign policy friends- the friggin' Saudi kingdom. And when I say 'Canada's' policy, I mean that of Stephen Harper, seen here, idea-planning with key cabinet members. You should know the Saudis hate being talked about as savage beheaders- so tell everyone, including your Canadian MP, before the next election.

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