Wednesday 12 November 2014

Episode 71: Paul Hellyer's Money Mafia & Patrick Whyte

Paul Hellyer is a man for his time, and apparently his time lasts quite a while. The 93 year old former Canadian Minister of Defence, Hellyer outlines an action plan for aware residents of anywhere under the rule of liars. Oh yeah, that's almost everywhere. So it's time to help Paul get the word out. Featured recently as a speaker in Toronto, Hellyer lays out some very strong evidence that we are being manipulated and offers his ideas for ending the injustices.

Hellyer's awareness and concision makes understanding our plight and how to change it seem within our grasp. We should listen to him and read his latest book- "The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis", taking his pointed claims seriously. It is essential to make it clear to so-called elected representatives that it is the will of the citizens, not the corporate paymasters, that is balanced in our favour. We know it all comes down to the bankers, and now is the time to reverse our fortunes.

Additionally, Patrick Whyte of drops by with news of another George Noory event live in Toronto. As a purveyor of dark knowledge for eight years in a Toronto storefront, Patrick works hard to make hard found information available to all.

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  1. Great show! Mr. Hellyer impresses with his knowledge, courage and especially his age.
    Bon travail!. Merci. P.