Tuesday 4 November 2014

Episode 70: Jimmy Dore "Your Country Is Just Not That Into You"

A milestone of sorts, for Number 70. After a difficult summer of recovery, your host wanted to speak with a brother comedian, for his thoughts on conspiracy and its effect on the world. Admittedly the lighter tone of this show varies from a typical Conspiracy Queries episode. Be warned at times of colourful language. Jimmy Dore is a professional comic with comic's irreverence, and he too has conceded he believes there are hidden hands directing the News.
@jimmy_dore comes from a Chicago suburb in the American mid-west. One of only a few in his Catholic clan that were not cops, he developed incisive observational skills that poised him perfectly to look down his nose at 'authority'. Add some idealism and sarcasm and you have a man who has parlayed his stand-up skills into tv specials, his own weekly assessment of the week's news, and a guest anchor position on Cenk Uygur's, The Young Turks (TTY).
Jimmy's weekly show is a hilarious romp dissecting the idiocy of those who claim to 'represent us' in the hallowed institutions of government, very funny and worth your time. Listen to the passion of a man who wants to believe government can work and is hilarious in his criticism of it why it always doesn't. Just talking about it however hasn't been enough so now you can also read all about it in Jimmy's new book, "Your Country Is Just Not That Into You".

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