Thursday 20 March 2014

Episode 52: Jesse Ventura 'Off the Grid'

Jesse Ventura has been run out of town. There is a need to set the record straight, so Jesse is now coming to us from Mexico, off the grid. He powers his home, and sends out his message from a center south of the US border that is completely untethered to the electrical grid. 

From there, Jesse gets to say what he wants the way he wants to say it. So, you won't see him wearing a suit and tie while he delivers the information the big networks can't trust him to not talk about. Situated a thousand miles from the US/Mexico border, the former Minnesota governor and Navy SEAL knows the networks and the FCC can't stop him now.  

We discuss many different conspiracies, and even go toe-to-toe over the conspiracy of chemtrails. Jesse says it is not really happening- and I try to change his mind.

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  1. A-11674968 Viet Nam 1967 -6817 July 2014 at 23:20

    Jesse can You tell me , Was Sgt Bergdal a spy who just happened to go a wall at the right time? And did we just happen to have 5 people we could trade to get His ass back to the good ole U.S.A. And one more thing I would like to ask You while You were on one of those Ventura ventures , did You ever find out who shot down the plane in P.A. on 9 11 ? Air force or Navy ?