Thursday 13 March 2014

Episode 51: Dane Wigington on Geo Engineering

Chemtrails and evidence of geo-engineering are a phenomena that apparently only makes itself known to the more perceptive of humans. Deniers seem wilfully ignorant of them as sufficient evidence of geo-engineering can be easily obtained by the layman by- looking up. Dane Wigington has some alarming news on why that is.

With information available such as the film, 'What in the World are They Spraying?' it is likely the same people that can't believe a government would so afflict its own citizens, would be shocked to hear Dane discuss the precedents for such activity on the part of the military. We look into why this is happening and at how encompassing this project is.

Bottom line on chemtrails: You are aware of them or you aren't, but they are there and you should find out for yourself what can be done. Dane's website is an excellent place to learn how this has been done, with evidence such as equipment patents and the satellite imagery confirming the worst of it.

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