Thursday 27 February 2014

Episode 49: Alien Experiencer Simon Parkes

Simon is a politician. That is only remarkable because much of what Simon says is not a typical political rant. In fact, Simon calmly alleges things about life on this planet and interdimensional and or alien beings that most politicians disavow, ignore or deny.

On the phone from the English town of Whitby- where Simon is also a city councillor- we discussed all manner of control systems installed around our planet. Simon also breaks down several types of alien or interdimensional intentions and attitudes based on knowledge they have imparted to him.

While much of the elite would love to have Simon disappear, his constituents like him enough to return him to office. Simon knows what he is saying is jarring to many, which is why he wants to reveal a version of events that might strengthen other people who have similar experiences. Perhaps if given the chance, more politicians will want to level with us on who really pulls their strings.

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