Wednesday 3 October 2018

Episode - Countdown to Legalization

Countdown to “Legalization”. It twists in my stomach, when I know how horrible it is. A poorly created architecture of nonsensical laws, all predicated upon a lie. Shouldn’t be surprised though – that’s exactly the same way we go to war.

For the second time on this show, we are graced with the presence of the fighting Irish – in the form of Vera Twomey. Her daughter Ava no longer drastically suffers, courtesy of her mother’s ability to get cannabis into little Ava’s body.

The premise is the problem. It’s how government have been framing the substance, and framing the argument away from any logic.  It seems they are getting away with it. All without the needed ‘education’, they have been demanding and promising along with their legalization. 

Watch Vera confront Ireland’s head of state, while graciously receiving the Person of the Year Award last April.  Click the uncensored clip that was edited out - by lying cowards - of all official broadcasts.  (please embed this video -

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  3. Congratulations !!
    Now marijuana is legal in America, and now anyone can buy CBD for pain relief. I am also giving such products to my granny. Thanks for your post