Tuesday 10 April 2018

Episode 108 is Green Crush 36

This episode cultivates a growing interest in a flowering capacity… Too much pun? Sorry, it’s fun. Preaching empowerment of the self by using the plant for health - as is often done on the show - means learning how to grow the plants, and what the plant really is.
Not focusing much at all on any restrictive laws (for a change) in your home nation, the point is you do need to grow if you want access to the most trustworthy product.

It’s a double guest episode, as Paul Hartmann returns and we hear a few stories with his friend and Mendocino County grower in California, Scott  Zeramby of Mendocino Agriculture Products and Dirt Cheap Landscaping and Garden Supply. They’ve both done time and we’ll find out why, and how to cultivate your garden so that it can cultivate your health.

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