Tuesday 20 February 2018

Episode 101 = Green Crush 29!

As earlier predicted on this show, the indoctrination about ‘how terrible cannabis is’, is making its claim for the major portion of the consciousness of the citizen. This is intolerable in the light of the regular burying of the positive scientific facts, and the appropriation of public funds to tell just that one side of the story. We also spent some time clearing up the fallacy of “only needing CBD“, for health and efficacy.

Our guest today - it had to happen eventually… is from a Licensed Production facility! of cannabis in Canada- 
CEO Nathan Woodworth, of Waterloo’s, J.E.Wagner Cultivation. Nathan has parlayed what were serious migraine headaches, and the realization of their fantastic relief from the cannabis plant, into a flourishing business.

Repurposing a old very large facility in the small Ontario town, Nathan is playing ball with the feds and creating a top strain of aeroponic weed maintaining very high cultivation standards for a top shelf excellent product. Though we differ on the issue of dispensaries and their existence, these folks are part of the conversation and need to be held to as high standards as Nathan guarantees his facility operates under.

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  1. opposed to a full-bodied Cabernet. As I tell everyone who asks: "wine is very personal... you have to enjoy what's right for you!" CBD & Inflammation

  2. I want to appreciate this CBD products supporting post to for health and efficacy. This is true that cannabis products treatment our damage body cells.