Wednesday 24 January 2018

Episode 97 = Green Crush 25!

Today's episode should've been about all things Dana Larsen. Instead we chatted for 10 minutes, fought with a terrible skype connection, and had to re-book him for an upcoming episode. The show must go on, so it did.

We mulched through past and presentmedia addressing the suppresion of research that goes unpublishedand therefore unlearned.Should evidence from tens of thousands of survivirs around the world be consodered anecdotal and dismissed.

Rick Simpson struggles with crowdfunding to produce a movie showcasingthe benefits of medicianl cannabis while hanging out in a foreign country to avois prosecution by the very same government that moves to make the product legal and under their control. And cue the Liquor Control Branch, swaggering in Bronfman-rum-running gangster style, in their suits and ties to save the day - or not.

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