Thursday 11 September 2014

Episode 68: Jon Rappoport on CDC Fraud and Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson

Jon returns to Conspiracy Queries. We like him here because his website nomorefakenews is a last bastion of intelligent reporting. As an actual, investigative journalist, he doesn't just regurgitate media handouts and party policies. If you are a fan of the nearly extinct follow-up question, then Jon is your man.

Here we discuss the latest government supplied rift in reality: the Center for Disease Control is caught lying. They often discredit others for attacking their credibility, but this time the evidence is from within as Dr. William Thompson has blown the whistle recently by stating that the CDC withheld important data that significantly altered a 2004 study's outcome regarding a link between the MMR Vaccine and autism with young african american boys. Jon has been following this saga from even before Day One and has, as usual, a very thorough take on what these folks are up to.

Learn how to think like Jon by treating yourself to his fantastic mind-expanding study and research series: The Matrix Revealed; Exit from the Matrix; and now, Power Outside the Matrix.

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