Thursday 17 July 2014

Episode 64: Bruce MacDonald "The Stolen Child"

At Conspiracy Queries, we don't often catch up with authors who write fiction. But after reading Bruce's book,The Stolen Child, several awarenesses begin playing with your mind. The first is that Bruce has an innate understanding of how spiritual matter can eventually wind its way into the underpinning of a criminal reality. 

Much research and meditation was employed in order to create his first novel, Coureurs de Bois. After critical acclaim but not much in the way of sales, it was time to go further inside and put the spirit world on notice that its dark, foreboding side would be 'entertainment subject matter'. 

Bruce has a razor sharp view of the world, how it works, and of those who seem to be at its helm. Enjoy a multi-faceted conversation about his books, writing and more.

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  1. Looking forward to another podcast. Thanks and stay well.

  2. Fabulous show yet again Alan. Congrats too on your "expansion". Fab.