Thursday 23 January 2014

Episode 44: Gill Broussard - Planet 7X

As an independent researcher, Gill has been active for years keeping tabs on space for us. In this show, Gill describes the threat to Earth, from Planet 7X. 

Its orbit both innocently and deliberately has been confused with a darker purpose, and Gill's research stands alone from the topic of the very different, Planet X. 

While what Gill has assembled might seem highly unlikely, it's hard to dispute the detailed evidence in his charts and notes. Gill's deep awareness of Biblical Astronomy and astronomical software models has lead him to some staggering conclusions.

It is refreshing to hear the passion of a man that cares about his planet and its inhabitants, and is doing all he can to keep us all in the astronomical awareness loop, while governments and religious bodies usually seem to prefer us clueless. Enjoy the brilliant presentation on Gill's youtube channel.

For a free copy of all relevant charts, contact Gill: or click here to download a zip file of all his materials.

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  1. This information has made sense of a lot things....HALLELUYAH! I believe the blood moon tetreds has made us pay attention to not only the sky but the Hebrew feasts, as well. I also believe this knowledge is only for the bride, not necessarily for general consumption.

  2. Please tell me where I can purchase the ISR scriptures Gill. Thank you