Thursday, 15 August 2013

Episode 23: August Madness

We are safe from spying, so says Obama on the Jay Leno show, which proved to be one of the better written jokes of that broadcast. So, Ed Snowden didn't really do anything by revealing what he revealed, and that's why... they... want to arrest him.
China as you know has dethroned Canada, thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's ridiculous Nexen deal. As there seems no way to reverse that deal, the least we can do is understand China better. So join me for extended segment of Meet the New Owners!
Hey you ever get something caught in your tooth, like a popcorn husk, or a pea- or how about making a tooth out of pee? You night not know how to do that, but China has the answer.

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  1. Hi Alan, great to come across your site which I found via I really enjoyed your interview with Tim at\19a1VWK and appreciated your open-mindedness and your intelligent questions back to your enquiring host. Have subscribed here too.

    1. Thank you Carys, for reaching out. If there's one thing I am not, it is close minded. I hope to clear up several other questions that we did not get to, despite the 3 hour plus interview.

      Thanks as well for subscribing to my site. I am still of a mind that there are more horrible things going on than what Ab would suggest, but am still researching and operating from a good place in my heart.