Thursday, 22 August 2013

Episode 24: Freedom Technologies with Trent Goodbaudy

You don't like the way things are going. Not with the police, not with the courts, and not with the judges. You want to be free from governmental intervention into your otherwise peaceful life. 

Many people feel that way, but Trent Goodbaudy has actually done something about it. 

He has researched the law and the legal system and now claims he has found a way to counter what he describes as modern day slavery. 


How's that for a license plate> > > 

There are many videos explaining his point of view on his website, as well as things for purchase. His latest book is a 'silver bullet' against legal subjugation which he has made available for free! 

He's so sure about the contents, there's a $100 reward for 'you' if 'you' can prove him wrong.Trent tells us how he became interested in looking outside the box, how long it took for him to figure it out, and brings a message of, 'getting right within yourself' to best be able to enjoy life with a mindset of peace and prosperity. 

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