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  1. Hi Alan; Great pod cast, found it by accident my 13 year old showed me how to download pod casts on my new Iphone, when she asked what I wanted to download I said something that suites my personnality, she downloaded your show out the "conspiracy" heading-very nice to find out what my kid thinks of me.

    Regardless, I don't miss a cast and listened to the older pod casts, very good-keep them coming.

    PS-can you do more shows on 9/11 seems to be a very interesting subject.

    and get rid of that "Comment as" I don't even know what any of that means.

    Phil Schuler.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Are you the real Anonymous? I doubt it.

      Kudos to your daughter, and thanks for downloading. Thank you for your complements and I can assure you I will definitely be spending more time on 9/11. How could you have a conspiracy show and not spend more time on 9/11?

      I was commenting as myself, so at least it is relevant to me.

      Thanks again for reaching out, you can't imagine how much I appreciate the feedback. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  2. What's the deal with video games these days? My son and most of his peers are obsessed with Minecraft. I don't get the appeal, they become entranced and moody during and after play. Why should their hand held games have cameras and internet connections - where does that collected info potentially end up? What about smart tvs and the new gaming systems that "makes your body the controller." Seems phishy to me.

    love your show, & please cover this topic!

    1. I don't really use video games, despite the huge marketing push. I've never really enjoyed them, and it must be hard to watch your kids fall down the Minecraft mineshaft.

      As the military is comprised of video game players now- with smart bombs and drones- it is depressing to me. I may open up this can of worms in the New Year. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Dear Mr. Park, Thank you for having a nice interview with Mr. Gill Broussard. I feel he has the best study, history, charts, explanations and illustrations about the Bible data and Chinese data concerning Planet 7X. I haven't heard him at all on the radio. With all of the sinkholes, earthquakes, and volcanoes erupting, citizens will need to know why soon. God bless you. Take care.

  4. Hi Alan, I enjoy your site - great interviews. I just listened to the interview with Karen Hudes, and to clarify the issue with the twin towers - it was apparently asbestos - at least according to the documentary linked below, which is long, but worth watching.

  5. Alan - Where the heck are ya ??

  6. Come back to us Alan, we miss you! Its hard to believe we've gone a whole year without any conspiracies... wait, has the military-industrial complex silenced you?! ;-)

  7. In response to PALESTINE BEING TAKEN OFF OF THE WORLD MAP!!!!...And since Facebook won't let me post in any of these groups until after the 20th, would you mind posting this video on their video or on news pages and alternative pages talking about it... maybe if we get people singing a song about the situation, it will finally get some attention...
    The Samson Option
    ...a masterpiece!

  8. Good Show .on Coast 2 Coast last night!